We are 21!

We are 21!

As part of our  21st year celebrations we decided to take a look back over some of our greatest achievements/most popular events and notorious incidents. Here our top 1O most iconic moments in chronological order:

1. 1999 – Our first sell out main room show featured Therapy? No barriers, no pit crew, 0% consideration for health and safety and 100 % rock n roll.

2. 2000 – Legend to most and Rock God to many ,Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin gracing the stage of The Colosseum. The after party consisted of Ginseng tea, Mcvities digestives, scintillating conversation and a whole lotta love.

3. 2002 – Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe’s first ever set in front of a live nightclub audience. Took weeks of persuasion to get him to do it and then he hid behind our resident for the most of his two hour slot. The big girl’s blouse.

4. 2005 – Arctic Monkeys selling out the main room in 11 minutes flat. Hottest ticket in town.

5. 2006 – The Enemy signed straight after performing in our Left Wing and Tom Clarke took the title of their first album straight off the walls of our band room – “We’ll Live and Die in These Towns” – which was scrawled as graffiti and is still there to this day.

6. 2009 – Promoters Gamafunkula producing an eye-watering line up with household names including Chase and Status, Jaguar Skills, DJ Fresh, Sigma, Scratch Perverts and Ms Dynamite – to name but a few. A line up worthy of any festival in its own right. Take a bow Mr Dowling.

7. 2010 – Paul Weller joining Ocean Colour Scene live on stage (totally unannounced) in a rendition of ‘ Take Another Piece of My Heart’. The club was roasting hot but everyone was getting the chills.

8. 2012 – Complaints from Sidney Stringer Comprehensive regarding the club’s exterior banners advertising Dubstep Supremos’ ‘Knife Party’. Our refusal to take them down resulted in major coverage from local press and a radio interview explaining that whilst it was a party, all knives were strictly prohibited. Happily, the club has since buried the hatchet (or knife if you prefer) with the school and they now hold their annual teachers’ Christmas party at the Kasbah. Footage of drunken teachers behaving inappropriately available on request.

9. 2013 – Our online spat with Jack Maynard. Who you may ask? The younger brother of Connor Maynard, who rolled up to the front door with his posse expecting the VIP treatment but was unceremoniously sent to the back of the queue. He decided to attack the club on Twitter the following day but couldn’t have foreseen the thousands of Colly kids ready and waiting to send him some hilarious replies. You did yourselves proud that day and just to show there were no hard feelings, later that week we held a night called ‘I love Connor’s Mum’, whereby it was free entry if your name was Connor, and free entry and free drinks if your name was Connor and you brought your mum. Neither Connor Maynard nor his mum attended. Much to our disappointment.

10. 2015 – The infamous Ronnie Pickering (‘Do you know who I am?!’) ‘booking’, which resulted in phone calls, emails and messages from the BBC, ITV and national press – not to mention numerous local newspapers and radio stations. We hoped it would go viral and it did. We were particularly pleased with ourselves as he was never actually booked to appear in the first place. We lost count of the number of threats we received for ‘booking’ this bully -Oh the irony.

There are so many others we could mention. From the Colly kid who had ‘Colly’ tattooed on his backside as a drunken bet, to The Libertines’ first appearance in our Left Wing as part of the Monday night with 50p drinks promotion – which resulted in them having to be rounded up by staff to perform as Carl was busy serenading ladies, Pete was scaling the balcony and the drummer was passed out in the band room – and even the self-indulgent booking of hip hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash where he was intended for our 150 capacity Globe bar, but due to an insane amount of unpredicted demand the decision was made at the last minute to put him in the main room, whereupon he played to a packed room for two hours of old school hip hop . It was a gangsters paradise.

And of course the recent and sad death of our beloved mascot Collyn the Colly Fish, who brought social media into meltdown as our double meaning message successfully trolled the whole of the city for which you are very welcome

The Kasbah team would like to thank Coventry and Warwickshire for taking the club to its heart and giving them as much love as the region does. Here’s to the next 21 years!